Journey Planner and maps are your guides to the new zones

HSL’s new fare zones will be introduced in late April. If you want to check the zones through which you need to travel, use the Journey Planner for the new zones. You will also be able to see the zones on HSL’s new route maps. At stops, the zone is shown on stop signs.

Let’s imagine that you would like to travel from Tapiola in Espoo to Tikkurila in Vantaa. The Journey Planner for the new zones tells you that you will depart from Tapiola in zone B, travel to Helsinki city center in zone A and continue by train to Tikkurila in zone C. You will need an ABC ticket. The planner also shows the ticket price. 

You can also use the HSL app to plan your journeys. When you buy a ticket, the app tells you which ticket you need when you enter your departure place and destination. In addition, a new 'From-To' function will be introduced in the app, allowing you to check which ticket you need without route search. Use the “Buy a ticket” button to buy a ticket for the selected route. You can download the free HSL app on your Android or iPhone device from the app store. Read more

The printed route maps, which will be updated before the introduction of the new zones, will also show the zone boundaries. The new maps will be available at service points in mid-April. There are already A3 size zone maps available at service points.

In addition, you can already download maps on the New zones website at

At stops and stations, the zones are already displayed on stop signs. There will also be information posters with zone maps at stops. 

Card readers know the zone you are in and only display the tickets available for purchase in the zone in question. Consequently, the start view is different in different zones.

See the card reader demo on the New zones website to try how it works.

Onboard displays will also show the zone the vehicle is in.

More information about the new zones and ticket prices: