SMS tickets and mobile tickets for Windows phones withdrawn from 27 April

The pricing of public transport tickets in the HSL area will change on 27 April when the old fare zones based on municipal boundaries are replaced by new zones. SMS tickets and mobile tickets for Windows phones will be withdrawn on the same day.

With the introduction of the new fare zones, HSL will simplify the array of tickets so that all tickets will be valid on all modes of public transport. The current SMS tickets are valid only in Helsinki and only on some public transport services as the tickets are not accepted on all bus routes.

The ticket overlaps with the single tickets sold on the HSL app. Nowadays the majority of mobile phones in use are so called smartphones on which you can download various apps such as the HSL app. The number of SMS tickets sold has dropped sharply from summer 2018 when the HSL app was introduced. In June 2018, some 11,000 SMS tickets were sold, while the figure in February 2019 was 6,700.

The HSL app is available for Android and iOS devices free of charge from app stores. The app allows you to buy tickets for all HSL zones. The tickets are valid on all HSL transport services. In addition, you can search for routes using the app and buy the correct ticket for the selected route. You can pay for your tickets with a payment card attached to the app, or have them charged to your phone bill. In addition to tickets, the app provides you access to the Journey Planner and transport news on the topics of your choice.

The HSL mobile ticket app for Windows phones will also be withdrawn when the new zones take effect. Because of the small number of users, it is no longer reasonable to provide updates for Windows phones. In September 2018, 1,110 customers were using the HSL Windows app; in February 2019, the figure was only 600.

HSL’s single tickets are also available from many kiosks and shops, as well as from service points, ticket machines and bus drivers. Alternatively, you can buy value tickets with your HSL card.

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