The city bike season starts at the beginning of April – registration opens on 18 March

The spring is soon here – and so are city bikes along with it! The installation of city bike stations is well underway, as the new season starts at the beginning of April in Helsinki and Espoo.

There will be 150 bike stations in Helsinki and 107 stations in Espoo in April. The Espoo system will expand by two stations. In Helsinki, the system will expand significantly in May when 88 new stations will open, mainly in northern and eastern parts of Helsinki. After the expansion, there will be about 345 stations and 3,450 bikes in Helsinki and Espoo.

In Helsinki, the new bike stations will be opened one by one as the stations are installed. You can follow the opening of the stations in real-time via the HSL city bike website. Bike stations that are not yet in use are shown on the map in grey. The icon of bike stations in use is yellow. The number of bikes available is shown on the top corner of the icon.

The opening of the Eteläinen Hesperiankatu and Veturitori stations will be delayed due to construction works.

Renewing your season pass is easy

You can register for the full season online at kaupunkipyörät.hsl.fif rom Monday 18 March. If you are a former customer, log into the city bike website to renew your season pass with just a few clicks. New customers need to create an HSL account and enter their payment card details. Returning customers are advised to check that their payment card details are correct on their personal city bike page.

After the last season, most customers have already replaced their green Travel Cards with blue HSL cards because of the new fare zone system set to be introduced on 27 April. If you have used city bikes with your Travel Card instead of the cyclist ID and have replaced your Travel Card with a new HSL card, you must log into the city bike website and order a new cyclist ID. You can then replace your new cyclist ID with your HSL card. Instructions are available on the city bike website.

City bikes also in Vantaa

City bike service in Vantaa will start on 3 June.  There will be 1,000 bikes and about 100 city bike stations. The stations will be located in Tikkurila, Aviapolis, Myyrmäki, Kivistö and Koivukylä.

The bikes can be picked up and returned using the HSL card and a mobile app. The Vantaa system is not compatible with the system in Helsinki and Espoo and you cannot mix bikes from the two systems.

Registration for the full season, for a week or for a day will be available at the HSL city bike website. All passes allow unlimited up to 30-minute bike rides, just like in Helsinki and Espoo. In addition, the mobile app will allow customers to pay for single rides. The use of Vantaa city bikes is not included in the season pass for Helsinki or Espoo city bikes.

City bike stations in Helsinki and Espoo in 2019