New zones to take effect on 27 April: thousands of devices to be updated

The new fare zones due be introduced on Saturday 27 April will revolutionize Helsinki region public transport. Internal and regional tickets will become a thing of the past and instead, tickets will be purchased for zones A, B, C and D. Major changes are also required to the backend systems.

On Saturday, 3,100 card readers, over 500 ticket machines, some 1,700 onboard devices and the sales systems of 300 sales points and 19 service points will be updated. The HSL app used by over a million passengers will also be updated into the new zone system.

How will it all happen?

The roll-out of the new zone system will start on Saturday 27 April at 4.30am when the HSL app, the Journey Planner, card readers, bus drivers’ POS terminals and the small single ticket machines are updated with the new zone settings. As all card readers will not necessarily be updated immediately at 4.30am, you may still come across card readers with the old fare zone settings during Saturday. In such case, please try another card reader if there is one. On buses, you an ask the driver to check the ticket on your HSL card.

You can use season tickets and value stored on your HSL card as usual on Saturday, but you cannot top up your card because of sales system updates. In addition, sales and services points will not sell tickets and the large ticket machines will be out of use due the system updates.

You can also buy tickets using the HSL app, which will work as usual on Saturday, i.e. you will be able to buy single, day and season tickets for the new zones using the app. To be able to buy new zone tickets, you must update your HSL app to the latest version.  Single tickets will be available from HSL single ticket machines, parking ticket machines in Helsinki and from bus drivers.

The sales system updates will be completed during Saturday night, after which ticket sales will resume at all sales points. On Sunday, tickets will be available from all sales points and ticket machines as usual and HSL cards can again be topped up.

Information about the new zones at Elielinaukio and from ticket inspectors

HSL staff will be out and about Elielinaukio in Helsinki on Saturday 27 April 10am-3pm answering customers’ questions about the new zones. In addition, ticket inspectors will assist passengers. You can also call HSL Customer Service on +358 9 4766 4000 (Mon-Fri 7am-7pm, Sat-Sun 9am-5pm) for help and advice.