Replace your green Travel Card with a blue HSL card before the introduction of new fare zones!

Are you still using the old green Travel Card? When the new fare zones take effect on Saturday 27 April at 4.30am, the card reader user interface is updated and you will no longer be able to pay for your journeys using the old Travel Card. Replace your old Travel Card with a blue HSL card as soon as possible, or download the HSL app and use it to pay for your journeys.

You can replace your Travel Card with an HSL card at HSL and municipal service points, R-kiosks, Prisma and K-Citymarket stores, Stockmann department stores, as well as at many S-Market, Alepa and K-market grocery stores and at various small kiosks. Use the HSL sales point search to find a sales or service point. 

Any season ticket and value remaining on the old card as well as all other information such as a discount entitlement, are transferred to the HSL new card. The new cards are used in the same way as the old green ones.

Travel Cards can be replaced free of charge at all sales points until 26 April. From then on, the card can only be changed at HSL's own service points or municipal service points for a €6 processing fee. NB! On Saturday 27 April, there will be disruptions to ticket sales due to system updates. Travel Cards cannot be replaced with HSL cards on that day, nor can HSL cards be topped up.

You can also replace the card on behalf of another person. For example, one family member can change the cards of all family members. You do not need an ID document or power of attorney for the replacement.

Schoolchildren also need to replace the Travel Cards they have got from their schools for school journeys with the new blue HSL cards.  

If you prefer mobile payment, you can switch to the HSL app. The app allows you to buy 30-day season tickets for adults and students, as well as adult and child single tickets and day tickets. Read more about the HSL app

Create an HSL account

When you get your new HSL card, you can create an HSL account, which will allow you to access various new services related to the HSL card such as tailored information services. However, it is not necessary to create an account to use the new card.

It is worth noting that when you replace your old card with the new HSL card, the card number changes. This means that if you have used your Travel Card number to register for various services such as the city bike service and access control systems, you need to enter the number of your new HSL card into these services.

In addition, different benefits offered by various companies may have been registered on your Travel Card; these are not automatically transferred into the HSL card. In this case you should contact the company in question to find out how the benefits can be transferred to your new card.

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