HSL’s Journey Planner now includes islands

You can check timetables and departure piers for 26 islands which have regular water traffic in the capital region.

Summer travelers who wish to enjoy a cup of coffee on Pihlajasaari in Helsinki or want to go camping near Southern Espoo on Stora Herrö can find their timetables and departure piers using HSL’s Journey Planner.

The service includes islands Kaunissaari, Pihlajasaari, Uunisaari, Suomenlinna, Lonna, Vartiosaari, Laajasalo, Kivisaari, Vasikkasaari, Isosaari, Vallisaari, Mustasaari, Sirpalesaari, Klippan, Liuskasaari, Harakka, Valkosaari, Särkkä, Korkeasaari, Satamasaari, Leikosaari, Pentala, Stora Herrö, Rövaren, Gåsgrundet and Iso Vasikkasaari.

HSL tickets are valid on the Suomenlinna ferry. To visit the other islands, you’ll need to buy a ticket from the archipelago routes’ ferry operators. Some operators sell tickets online.

HSL decided to include the ferries in the Journey Planner at residents’ request.

HSL and the cities of Helsinki and Espoo have launched a campaign to remind people about the joys of visiting the islands, “Meri kuuluu kaikille” (the sea belongs to everybody). The campaign is visible on the metro and tram services. The campaign’s social media video tests which mode of transport is the fastest for traveling from Espoo to Pihlajasaari. The campaign emphasizes that the seascape and islands are an essential part of the capital region. The aim was to remind residents of how easy it is to reach the islands and spend a lovely summer’s day, or to go for a simple after-work evening stroll.

The sea belongs to everybody campaign video

HSL Journey Planner

Information about the islands on the website of the City of Helsinki

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