Discount tickets for over 70s now available on the HSL app

Passengers aged 70 years or more living in the HSL area can now buy HSL single tickets and zone extension tickets at a 50% discount using the HSL app. The discount applies to journeys made between 9am and 2pm. Until now, the discount has been available with a personal HSL card.

To buy the discount tickets, you need application version 2.2.1 or later.

The first time you buy a 70+ discount ticket, you need to strongly authenticate using your online banking credentials or mobile ID. After this, the HSL app shows the discount price when you buy single or zone extension tickets during the discount hours.

Buying value tickets on the HSL app

In the ticket purchase view, you can select your customer group: Adult, Child or Adult 70+. Select customer group Adult 70+.

Because we need to know your age, strong authentication with online banking credentials or a mobile ID is required the first time you buy a ticket.

After strong authentication in the service, you will return to the app. The next time you buy ticket on the app, you will not need to select the correct customer group or strongly authenticate as the data will be stored in the app. You will see the discount price in the ticket purchase view if you are buying a ticket valid between 9am and 2pm.