City of Järvenpää decides to join HSL in 2022

The City of Järvenpää will become HSL’s tenth member municipality on 1 January 2022. The City Council of Järvenpää voted on the measure on Monday evening, 21 October, and decided to join HSL as a member with 35 yes votes and 16 no votes.

The decision includes the condition that Järvenpää will join the HSL Charter if its membership will provide a significant improvement to the train service that operates between Järvenpää and Helsinki. The City Council of Järvenpää will make the final decision on whether this condition has been met.

HSL aims for more frequent train services to Järvenpää. After Järvenpää has joined as a member, the goal will be that, outside of rush hours, the service between Helsinki and Järvenpää will operate at an average frequency of 15 minutes during the daytime and on Saturdays. The services will consist of HSL services and VR’s commuter traffic services. Later on in the 2020s, the objective will be to further increase the frequency of train services when both rail capacity and rolling stock are increased.

Järvenpää set to become fourth largest HSL member municipality

The municipality of Tuusula decided to join HSL at the beginning of 2018. After this, Järvenpää became a sort of special case in the Helsinki region’s public transport system. Since practically all public transport from the Helsinki Metropolitan Area to the population centers of Jokela and Kellokoski in Tuusula run through Järvenpää, the trains and buses that go through Järvenpää also accept HSL’s tickets valid in zone D.

However, the residents of Järvenpää have not been able to purchase the more affordable ABCD season tickets, as Järvenpää was not a member of HSL. Now this option will also become available to the residents of Järvenpää.

After its membership process has been finalized, Järvenpää will become the fourth largest member municipality of the HSL area after Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa. Järvenpää is home to almost 44,000 residents.