On-demand ride service expands to Matinkylä and Olari

HSL and ViaVan expanded the service area of the on-demand rise service in Espoo on Friday 25 October. The service area now covers also Matinkylä and Olari. Moreover, the service area expands in Leppävaara: you can use the service to go to Leppävaara swimming hall or health center.


The service is operated with eight minibuses that seat up to eight passengers. Rides are available Monday-Friday 7am to 9pm. The launch offer runs until 15 November 2019: all rides are €2. Customers who have tried the service so far have been very satisfied, as evidenced by the rating they have given: 4.9 on a scale of one to five. Customers have been requesting HSL and ViaVan to expand the service area and these requests have now been met.

The service area now also covers Lystimäki, Olarinmäki, Olari, Kuitinmäki, Friisilä, Piispankylä, Matinkylä, Tiistilä, Nuottalahti, Iirislahti and Koukkuniemi, as well as Leppävaara swimming hall and health center.

The map below shows the extension of the service area in darker blue.

The on-demand ride-sharing service was launched in eastern Espoo on 16 September 2019. The service offers a new transport option in particular for the first and last mile of journeys (e.g. home to metro or train station). The on-demand ride-sharing service is based on matching customers going in the same direction.

Ride service made available also for passengers aged 13-18 years

So far the ride-sharing service has been available for passengers aged 18 and over. In the future, the age limit is lowered to 13 so that children aged 13 to 18 can use the service with a consent from a parent or guardian. The third new feature is a weekly ViaPass allowing four daily rides a week for a fixed total price of 10 euros.

Download the app from your app store (AppStore or Google Play).

Read more about the service: hsl.fi/en/on-demand

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