On-demand ride service in Espoo now available on Saturdays

The operating hours of the on-demand ride-sharing service currently piloted in Espoo are being extended. The service is now also available on Saturdays between 9am and 11pm.

On weekdays, the service operates as before, 7am to 9am.

The on-demand service offers a transport option for the first and last mile of journeys

The on-demand ride-sharing service was launched in eastern Espoo on 16 September 2019. The service offers a new transport option in particular for the first and last mile of journeys (e.g. home to metro or train station). The on-demand ride-sharing service is based on matching customers going in the same direction.

The service is operated with eight minibuses that seat up to eight passengers. Until 15 November 2019, rides costs two euros. The service is available through a mobile app.

In October, the service area was extended to Matinkylä and Olari.

Download the app from your app store (AppStore or Google Play): AppStore or Google Play

Read more about the service: hsl.fi/en/on-demand