More frequent bus services in Haaga

A new bus network will be rolled out in Haaga in autumn 2021. Bus 40 will run from Elielinaukio via Etelä-Haaga and Pohjois-Haaga to Kannelmäki. The route will be converted into a frequent trunk bus service, operating with about 8-minute headways at peak times Monday to Friday. During the daytime, the buses will run every 10 minutes every day.

Bus 52 will start running from Kuninkaantammi via Kannelmäki, Huopalahti station and Munkkivuori to Otaniemi. The buses will run every 10 minutes from the morning to early evening and every 15 minutes at other times.

Route 41 will terminate at Pohjois-Haaga station instead of Kannelmäki. Route 43 from Elielinaukio to Kuninkaantammi will be withdrawn and neighborhood route 33 will be rerouted in Haaga.

The aim is to simplify the radial bus network in Haaga and Kannelmäki and to improve feeder service to railway stations. With the extension of route 40 to Kannelmäki, nearly two thirds of residents in Haaga and Kannelmäki will live at a distance of up to 400 meters from a bus stop. Route 52 will provide a frequent service to Kannelmäki and Huopalahti stations.  

The new bus routes are set to be introduced in autumn 2021.   

HSL planned the new routes in close interaction with residents of Haaga and Kannelmäki. Residents were able to comment on the plan, for example, on a blog and in residents’ meetings. Our route network planners revised the draft plan on the basis of the comments received.