Prices of ABC, BCD, CD and ABCD tickets to decrease at the beginning of 2020

The fares for the longest journeys, i.e. the prices of ABC, BCD, CD and ABCD tickets, will decrease on 1 January 2020. The price cuts will apply to both single and season tickets. The prices of AB, BC and D tickets will not change.

We will lower the fares for the longest journeys as switching from driving to public transport for the longest journeys is most beneficial in terms of reducing emissions from traffic.

There are fewer public transport services in zones C and D compared to areas closer to the center of Helsinki. The new prices will better reflect this. In zones A and B, the level of public transport service is excellent. Moreover, the validity area of AB and BC tickets is very large and the transfer time, 80 minutes, is long. Passengers are often able to make both the outward and return journeys with the same ticket.

Changes to fares from 1 January 2020

Single tickets  Price in 2019 Price in 2020
AB, BC and D * 2.80 2.80
ABC 4.60 4.10
BCD 5.40 4.10
CD 4.20 3.20
ABCD 6.40 5.70
Season tickets 30 days Price in 2019 Price in 2020
AB, BC and D * 59.70 59.70
ABC 107.50 96.70
BCD 115.80 96.70
CD 98.00 77.60
ABCD 156.40 139.70

* The prices of AB, BC and D tickets will not change.


Ticket prices from 1 January 2020 (PDF)


Sales points may charge a service fee for ticket purchases

From 1 January 2020, sales points selling HSL tickets may charge a service fee for ticket purchases. HSL tendered the retail outlets in 2019 and decided that from 1 January 2020, it will no longer pay a re-selling commission. This will place all retail outlets, whether on-ground or online, on an equal footing.

The retailers independently decide whether to charge a service fee and the amount. HSL does not as yet know whether the retailers will charge service fees and if yes, how much. In case of refunds, HSL will only refund the ticket price in accordance with the applicable tariff. The retailers will set their policies independently.

There is no service fee for purchasing tickets on the HSL app, at ticket machines and via the online top up service due to be introduced next year. 

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Suomenlinna tickets withdrawn from 1 January 2020

Suomenlinna tickets will be withdrawn from 1 January 2020. As Suomenlinna is in zone A, you can travel there with all HSL tickets including zone A, i.e. with AB, ABC and ABCD tickets. Single tickets, day tickets and season tickets are accepted on the Suomenlinna ferry. Read more about tickets for the Suomenlinna ferry.