How to top up your HSL card at a ticket machine

You can top up your HSL card with value (money) and season tickets at some HSL ticket machines.

​List of ticket machines >

Place your HSL card on the reader of the ticket machine and follow the instructions: 

  • Select whether you want to top up your card with value or a season ticket.
  • Select the travel zone. Read more about the zones >
  • Select the payment method and pay. You can pay by card (Visa and Mastercard) or with coins; some ticket machines also accept notes.
  • Do not remove your HSL card from the ticket machine until prompted to do so.

You can buy a season ticket for any period between 14–366 days.

You can have two season tickets on your HSL card at the same time. In other words, you can buy the next season ticket before the expiry of the previous ticket. There can be a maximum gap of 60 days between the season tickets.

Season ticket prices >

Use the sales point search to find sales points and ticket machines >

You can also buy a season ticket on your smartphone via the HSL app. Read more about the HSL app >