Single ticket machines out of service on the night of Saturday 12 January

Single ticket machines will be updated on the night of Saturday 12 January/Sunday 13 January between about 2am and 6am. During this time, tickets will not be available from single ticket machines. Tickets will be available from all other sales outlets as usual..

During the update, you can buy tickets

  • via the HSL app (single, day and season tickets)
  • from large, full-range ticket machines
  • from R-kiosks
  • from other sales points that are open, K-market and S-market grocery stores
  • at card readers
  • from parking ticket machines in Helsinki
  • from bus drivers (cash only)

You can also buy single tickets in advance from sales points or top up your HSL card with value. 

The HSL app is available for Android and iPhone devices. Downlowd the app on your phone and buy tickets via the app. Read more about the HSL app