New bus routes for Lauttasaari

New bus routes will be launched in Lauttasaari on 10 August 2020. The biggest changes will take place in Vattuniemi. Route 21, Kamppi – Ruoholahti – Vattuniemi – Lauttasaari (M), will replace route 21(B) currently running between Lauttasaari Metro Station and Vattuniemi. The number of bus services to/from Vattuniemi will increase. The new route will be more direct and journey times from the southern tip of Vattuniemi to the Lauttasaari Metro Station, Ruoholahti and Kamppi will shorten.

There will also be changes in Katajaharju. A new route, 20B, will start running between the Lauttasaari Metro Station and Katajaharju, providing more frequent feeder service.
Bus 20 will run from Katajaharju (M) via Lauttasaari (M) and Ruoholahti (M) to Punavuori. The bus will provide a direct link from Kataharju and Isokaari to Ruoholahti and all the way to Bulevardi and Punavuori. The bus will also provide a link to schools in South Helsinki.

A new route, 22, will run between Vattuniemi and Katajaharju. The service will strengthen transport links within Lauttasaari.

New bus routes have been planned based on passenger feedback 

The new routes have been planned based on feedback received from residents of Lauttasaari following the introduction of the feeder bus network two years ago. We have received plenty of feedback about the feeder services, irregularity of the routes as well as about problems related to the termini of the routes serving Lauttasaari in South Helsinki.

We decided to develop the bus network in close cooperation with residents and other people travelling in Lauttasaari. First, we conducted a travel survey to understand the travel habits and needs of people in Lauttasaari and South Helsinki. Passengers were able to comment on the draft plans in many ways such as on a blog, in residents’ meetings and through a residents’ panel

Nearly 3,500 people responded to the travel survey and we received a total of 500 comments on the draft plans. We thank the residents of Lauttasaari and all other people who participated in the planning for their engagement and contributions.