Tram and metro passengers and people living in zone A the most satisfied with public transport

According to the autumn 2019 customer satisfaction survey, 87 percent of passengers are either fairly or very satisfied with public transport services in the Helsinki region. When comparing different modes of public transport, tram passengers are the most satisfied. The best ratings are given in zone A.

Passengers gave public transport services an overall rating of 4.12 on a scale of one to five. The share of satisfied passengers was up by one percentage point from spring 2019.

Satisfaction with metro services nearly back to the level of 2017

A total of 89 percent of tram and metro passengers were either very or fairly satisfied. However, there was no significant variation between different modes of public transport; on commuter train services, the figure was 85 and on buses 86 percent.

Satisfaction with the metro services is nearly back to the level it was in November 2017, before the metro was extended to Matinkylä. Back then, the figure was 91 percent. At its lowest, the figure was 75 percent in spring 2018. In autumn 2019, passenger satisfaction with the punctuality of the metro services and with the ease of travel improved.

On tram services, passenger satisfaction is high despite major diversions in the eastern central city area caused by the redevelopment of Hämeentie. It seems the tram route network introduced in August 2017 has improved customer experience on tram services.

Most satisfied passengers in zones A and B

The satisfaction of passengers living in the different fare zones was measured for the first time in autumn 2019. In zone A, 91 percent of passengers gave a rating of 4 or 5. The satisfaction rate was also high in zone B in western Vantaa (90%) as well as in zone B in Helsinki, Espoo and Kauniainen (89%).

The lowest satisfaction rate was in zone D (75%), in zone C in Helsinki, i.e. in Östersundom (77%) and in zone C in Espoo (80%).

A total of 78 percent of passengers were satisfied with the availability of information about the fare zones. The figure was the highest among bus passengers (80%) and metro passengers (78%).

Three out of four passengers felt that the ticket selection available for the zones A, B, C and D met their needs. Bus and metro passengers were the most satisfied (78%), while tram passengers were the least satisfied (62%).

HSL measures customer satisfaction year-round

We measure passenger satisfaction with public transport services almost year-round using surveys conducted Monday to Thursday 6am–6pm and on Fridays 6am–4pm. In autumn 2019, over 28,000 passengers responded to the survey on buses, trams, commuter trains and on the metro. The survey data are weighted by the number of boardings on each route.