Four new trunk routes to be introduced in Western Vantaa and Espoo

We will overhaul bus services in Western Vantaa and Espoo by launching four new trunk routes. The routes are set to start running in 2022. The bus network will be more effective, providing frequent service between district centers.

New trunk routes to Helsinki, 300, Elielinaukio–Pähkinärinne–Myyrmäki, and 400, Elielinaukio–Martinlaakso–Vantaankoski, will replace most of the current regional routes operating along Hämeenlinnanväylä and Vihdintie. The trunk routes will mainly operate at 10-minute headways, from early morning to late evening.

The routes will replace regional routes from Martinlaakso and Myyrmäki to Helsinki. Direct services will be replaced by feeder services. We will reroute and reschedule buses in Western Vantaa to provide frequent service to the Ring Rail Line stations as well as convenient interchanges with the trunk routes.

Regional routes 321, 345 and 431 will continue operating.

New crosstown trunk routes to Espoo  

We will also launch two new crosstown trunk routes. Route 520 will run from Martinlaakso via Myyrmäki and Leppävaara to Matinkylä. Route 530 will run from Matinkylä via Espoon keskus and Jorvi to Myyrmäki.

Route 565, Espoon keskus – Leppävaara, will be withdrawn. Bus 555 will be rerouted between Espoon keskus and Western Vantaa.

The new trunk routes will improve bus connectivity to Myyrmäki, Espoon keskus and Leppävaara. Routes 300 and 400 will cover the biggest residential areas in Western Vantaa and provide passengers with more frequent service than before.

Crosstown trunk routes 520 and 530 will provide good links between district centers as well as a frequent feeder service to rail stations.

Our aim is to launch the new trunk routes in autumn 2022. The implementation schedule will depend on, for example, the progress of road projects. In addition, some important trunk route interchange stops need to be upgraded.

The plan was developed through interaction with residents

We have developed the plan in close cooperation with residents of Western Vantaa and Espoo. The work started in autumn 2018. At first, we gathered background information through a travel survey. During the planning process, our public transport planners kept customers up-to-date on the progress of the plan and answered their questions through an interaction platform. We also held three residents’ meetings.

We made several changes to the plan based on comments received.