Season tickets for children now available on the HSL app

The selection of tickets available on the HSL app now also includes season tickets for children. You can buy 30-day season tickets as a one-off purchase or set up an auto-renewing subscription, in which case the ticket is valid all the time and the price of the ticket is debited from your payment card every 30 days.

Season tickets for children aged 13-17 on the HSL app

On the HSL, you can buy season tickets for children aged 13 to 17. We want to ensure that when customers use the HSL app, children’s personal data is processed carefully following good data protection practices. Currently, children aged 7 to 12 can only buy season tickets on the HSL card but we are looking at the possibility of introducing season tickets for children aged 7 to 12 on the app.

Auto-renewing subscriptions are always charged to the child’s or parent’s payment card linked to the HSL app. Parents and guardians can set a daily purchase limit for tickets on their children’s phones. Ticket purchases up to 50 euros can also be charged to your phone bill.

In addition to tickets, the app includes the Journey Planner and provides you with up-to-date travel information. The app’s news feed keeps you up to date with service changes and changes to routes and timetables.

You can download the free HSL app on your Android or iPhone device.