HSL starts to refund season tickets to people aged 70 or more

We will refund season tickets that have been valid during the period from 18 March to 31 May to people aged 70 or more. Refund for season tickets that have remained unused on account of coronavirus quarantine may be applied for until 15 July. A refund application can be sent free of charge by post.

Refunds are available for season tickets purchased on or before 18 March 2020. Refunds will be paid until 31 May 2020. A season ticket may still be loaded on the HSL card, but the portion of the ticket valid from the beginning of June will not be refunded.

If the season ticket is still valid after 1 June, but the customer no longer wants to use their card, the card can be returned with the refund application. In such a case, refund will also apply to the season ticket valid after 31 May, for example, a ticket valid from 1 March to 30 June 2020.

You do not need to visit a service point in order to obtain refund; instead, you can submit a refund application free of charge by post. The form contains address information for mailing the application free of charge. 
Download the form here: 

Refund application_corona_70+_en

Refund application:corona_70+_en

The refund will be paid to your bank account 2-4 weeks after HSL has received your application. The form can only be used to apply for refund for season tickets of 70+ passengers.