We manage our finances responsibly

In 2020, HSL's ticket revenue amounted to EUR 243 million

Responsible management of finances is the foundation of our operations

Our most important sources of income are ticket sales and municipal contributions paid by our member municipalities. We have a lot of money at our disposal. In 2020, our operating income amounted to over EUR 665 million, of which ticket revenue accounted for EUR 243 million.

We are responsible to our customers and our member municipalities for using our money wisely.

Personnel expenses account for about three percent of HSL's total expenditure

Sound management of finances guarantees high-quality services

Sound management of finances is not an obstacle but a necessary precondition for providing high-quality service. The post-pandemic changes to the use of public transport challenge us to rethink our services.

Our operating expenses amounted to about EUR 719 in 2020. The costs of service operation accounted for more than 70 percent of our total expenditure while personnel expenses accounted for three percent of our total expenditure.

By using our money wisely and focusing on the right things we can provide efficient public transport services for as many people as possible.

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HSL purchased service operation by EUR 507 million in 2020

Open tendering ensures reasonable prices

In 2020, we purchased service operation from our cooperation partners by about EUR 507 million. Our key partners include City Transport Ltd, VR, Helsingin Bussiliikenne, Nobina Finland Oy and Pohjolan Liikenne Ab.

The tendering processes for bus services is open to all companies with sufficient resources and capacities to operate the services. The market determines the price level and the competition between operators ensures that we are able to procure transport services at reasonable prices.

Partners of all sizes

We procure transport services in appropriate lots. Some procurements are small, allowing also small and medium size companies to participate in the tendering process.

When awarding contracts, we consider not only the price but also the quality of service operation.

Our role in society

As a major provider of public transport services, we also have a responsibility for keeping the Helsinki region moving.