Sustainable mobility for everybody

In 2020, a total of 397 million journeys were made on HSL's transport services

We create conditions for a well-functioning Helsinki region

We are responsible for the planning and procurement of public transport services in the Helsinki region. Efficient public transport is a necessity for keeping the Helsinki region moving.

In 2019, before the coronavirus pandemic, a total of nearly 397 million journeys were made on our transport services. What would the Helsinki region look like if all those journeys - or even more - were made by car?

In 2018, a total of 60 percent of journeys were made by public transport, walking and cycling in the Helsinki regioningin seudun matkoista vuona 2018

We also plan transport in the long-term

In 2050, the Helsinki region is expected to be home to two million people. 

In order to make everyday life smoother for all of us and for businesses to thrive, the 14 municipalities in the Helsinki region cooperate closely on long-term housing, land use and transport planning. We are responsible for transport system planning.

We work to enable an increasing share of journeys to be made by public transport and by other sustainable modes of transport. According to a survey we conducted in 2018, 22 percent of journeys in the Helsinki region were made by public transport.


We provide services for everybody

We cherish equality and non-discrimination by providing public transport services that are as accessible as possible to as many people as possible.

Accessibility of vehicles and stops helps the elderly and people with limited mobility.

We also pay attention to the accessibility of our digital services.

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We are a reliable service provider and partner

Transparency and reliability are important to us, whether dealing with customers, decision-makers or our partners. We plan our services in close interaction with our customers so that they know what we are doing.

We keep our promises and we do not make promises we cannot keep. By proving ourselves reliable, we show that we take responsibility for the Helsinki region together with other public transport operators.



In the autumn 2021 NPS survey, 44 percent of respondents were willing to recommend HSL's services

Surveys show we are trusted

We conduct NPS surveys four times a year. Environmental friendliness is one of our strengths, i.e. respondents think that we take environmental responsibility into account in our operations.

According the autumn 2021 NPS survey, 44 percent of respondents were willing to recommend our services. 

According to the BEST survey, which compares a number of European cities, residents of the Helsinki region are very satisfied with their local public transport. 

We show our values

Over the years, we have declared travel peace on public transport and campaigned against all forms of discrimination.

Equality and non-discrimination are important to us and we want to show these values in action. We live our values, for example, by offering discount and free tickets for special needs groups.