We work for the good of the environment

Carbon emissions from public transport decreased by 49 percent between 2010 and 2020

We reduce emissions

In Finland, about one fifth of greenhouse gas emissions are from traffic. We are constantly working to reduce traffic emissions. We especially monitor carbon emissions from public transport.

The most effective way to reduce carbon emissions from traffic is to increase the use of public transport, walking and cycling.

Our aim is for an increasing number of public transport journeys in the Helsinki region to be made on rail services because rail transport produces no local emissions.

There will be 400 electric buses in service in the Helsinki region in 2025

We are moving towards renewable energy

Over half of the vehicles used for the transport services procured by us already run on renewable energy.

The electricity used in trams, trains and the metro must be sustainably generated by Nordic wind, water or solar power. Electric buses, which number 168 in the autumn of 2021, run on Nordic wind and water power.

HSL purchases service operation from operators by over EUR 500 million a year

We procure responsibly

We purchase service operation from operators by over EUR 500 million a year. Being responsible in our procurement activities is of great importance for the entire Helsinki region.

We exercise environmental responsibility, for example, in the tendering of bus services. The less buses emit exhaust gases, the more points they score in the tendering process.

We favor environmentally friendly products and services when making purchases for our needs.

We provide an environmental carrot for operators

We use environmental bonuses to encourage bus operators to cut emissions and use biofuels. In 2020, we paid over two million euros in environmental bonuses to bus operators.

By encouraging environmental responsibility, we have a positive impact on our operators’ operations.

Over 60 percent of the journeys made in the Helsinki region are made by sustainable modes of transport

We encourage sustainable mobility

Our task is to provide good public transport services that are a prerequisite for sustainable mobility. We encourage all people travelling around the Helsinki region to use public transport as well as to walk and cycle.

The modal share of sustainable modes of transport for journeys made in the Helsinki region is already 60 per cent.


Responsible commutes

Our goal is to make sustainable mobility part of everyday working life. Companies can offer their employees our tickets as employee benefit.

We advise companies on sustainable commuting and award companies that promote sustainable modes of transport.

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Sensible use of money is part of our responsibility. Read more about our finances here.