Revamped Journey Planner

The Journey Planner now provides even better information for your journeys. The starting point for the reshaped service has been the needs and wishes of our customers.

The Journey Planner is now part of the site where you can find all services related to tickets and travelling.

Finding more easily the best route for you

The route search function now shows you the stages of the journey in a clearer way in order to make it easier for you to choose the most suitable public transport route.

You can also decide whether cycling or walking is the best choice for you based on the duration of the trip and weather information. Alternatively, you can now also combine cycling with public transport.

Nearby stops and routes

The new Nearby stops and routes section provides the most convenient way to see which means of transport you should use for a familiar route. With one click, you can view on a map the stop-specific timetables and vehicles in your nearby area.

Keep up to date

You can see changes to the routes, stops and areas you have saved and other topical issues on the service’s front page.

Route search

You can easily view a specific route and its timetables as well as vehicles on a map using the new search function.

You can also search for stop-specific timetables.

Try the new Journey Planner

You can access the Journey Planner on the front page of the revamped service.