For event organizers

Free tickets for large events

HSL may grant a right to free travel to persons accredited for large events. The accredited persons participate in the organization of the event or they are media representatives, for example.

Decisions on the right to free travel are made on a case by case basis. Free tickets may be granted if the number of attendees is over 1,000 and the event meets one of the following criteria:

  • A major sports, cultural or scientific event
  • An event of social importance whose organizers include at least one HSL municipality
  • A public transport congress

The free tickets are loaded on single-charge cards or Travel Cards. The tickets are valid for the duration of the event.  Free tickets can be either Helsinki internal of regional tickets.

The event organizer must submit a free-form application to HSL at least four months before the event. The application is sent as an attachment to:

Once you have been granted the right to free travel, fill in the order form and send it to:

A basic charge of 500 euros is charged for the event tickets. The charge covers the delivery of the tickets. In addition, you pay €0.50/single-charge card of €2/Travel Card + VAT.

The order is binding. Tickets loaded on single-charge cards are delivered within two weeks from the order.

In return for the right to free travel, HSL expects to get publicity before and during the event as well as possible other benefits, such as free tickets.

Order form for event tickets (right to free travel)

Additional transport services during public events

HSL can provide additional transport services during public events, if need be.  Additional services are provided on the basis of estimated number of passengers and the event closing time.    

HSL only provides public transport services mainly on the regular routes. Additional services are provided by adding extra cars or services or by extending the operating hours of individual routes.

If necessary, routes running close the event area are diverted if streets have to be closed or traffic otherwise restricted due to the event.

Organizers are asked to notify HSL about the event by mail: If diversion routes or additional services are required, you HSL must be notified two months before the event.

Information about large public events should be provided in good time. It is advisable to contact HSL also in case of smaller events if the location or time of the event may cause congestion.

In case additional services are required, the following information should be provided:

  • Name and organizer of the event
  • Location
  • Estimated number of attendees
  • Event schedule
  • Contact details for the person responsible for traffic arrangements
  • Event venue entry and exit routes, for example, on map
  • Information about any restrictions to traffic around the venue

In return for additional transport services, HSL hopes to get publicity before and during the event as well as possible other benefits, such as free tickets.


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