FAQ: HSL card

What information is collected about me in the HSL card system?

The information collected in the HSL card System Customer Register include customerss identification information and loading and ticket sales data that HSL needs for the HSL card system customer service.

The identification information consist of the customer’s name, date of birth and social security number, address, home municipality and customer group (adult, child, pensioner, etc.).

The identification information is used for

- updating the customer's address information and home municipality

- identifying the owner of a lost and found HSL card

- cancelling a lost HSL card

- replacing a damaged HSL card

- refunding of value or season tickets

- processing of errors

- checking loadings and value transactions at the customer’s request

Personal data is not given out to third parties unless required by law or authorities.

The rights to update and check the customer data is held by service points personnel who are obligated to keep the information confidential.

This personnel has the right to screen the information concerning the season ticket and value loadings on the customer's HSL card as well as the latest value transactions from the last six months only at the customer’s request.

What are the technical details of the HSL card?

The new HSL cards and disposable cards are ISO 14443 A compliant RFID cards (Radio Frequency Identification RFID). HSL cards are reloadable and are based on DESFire technology. Disposable cards are single-use and based on Mifare Ultralight technology. The onboard card readers read both cards at a distance of 1-8 cm.

Environmental-friendliness and recyclability were important considerations when selecting the cards. The HSL card platform is made of PET-F. Disposable cards are paper-coated. The cards contain a chip and antenna enabling contactless reading; they are not acceptable for paper recycling.

I have a HSL card with a season ticket; do I have to need the card to a card reader also on trams and trains?

You don’t need to show your card to the card reader on commuter trains, trams and on trunk route 550 if you are using a season ticket.

Can the card reader charge a fare from my card without me pressing a button?

It is technically not possible for a card reader to charge a fare unless you press one of the buttons. In the numerous tests conducted, we have not been able to reproduce a situation where a card reader would charge a fare from a card unless one of the buttons is pressed. The card reader always charges the current fare on the basis of which button you press and what is your customer group. It is technically not possible for a card reader to charge a fare unless you press one of the buttons.

As the readers read cards at a distance of 1-5 cm, you don't need to, nor should you, bring your card right up to the reader. This way you can avoid accidentally pressing a button. Since the card reader buttons only need a light touch to activate, if you accidentally touch a button with your card or your finger and your card is on the reading area, the card reader will charge a fare from your card.


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