FAQ: Stations and stops

Why smoking is not banned at stops?

HSL recommends not smoking at sheltered bus stops. This is indicated by a sticker on the information board at bus shelters. HSL cannot ban smoking at sheltered stops because the Finnish law does not ban smoking in public places outdoors. Under the law, municipalities can put in place stricter prohibitions on smoking so that they are included in the city regulations. So far no such regulations have been put in place in the HSL area municipalities.

Why are not all bus stops sheltered?

Shelters are provided at bus stop on a case by case basis. The number of passengers using a stop is the most important criterion when deciding whether to provide a shelter. Also the space available, conditions at the stop (e.g. how windy it is), service frequency, townscape and the advertising value of the stop location are considered. Hospitals and retirement homes are examples of special cases where shelter may be provided even if the stop does not meet the other criteria.