FAQ: Timetables

Why don’t buses run to the timetables displayed at bus stops?

The printed timetables at bus stops show the estimated arrival times of buses based on average travel times. However, the flow of traffic and possible traffic jams affect the journey times of buses. Thus, buses may arrive at stops a few minutes ahead or after the estimated arrival time. Long routes have timing points where buses can wait if they are early. Electronic displays at stops show the minutes until the arrival of the next bus. If there is a tilde (~) before the number of minutes, the display shows when the next scheduled bus is due to arrive, i.e. the information is not real time.

Where can I get the latest timetable booklet?

HSL did not publish a timetable booklet for autumn 2016 because the delayed opening of the West Metro caused a wealth of changes to the planned bus routes and timetables. Timetable leaflets for individual routes are available at service points as well as on buses and trams.

How can I find the timetables for a specific bus stop online?

You can search for stop-specific timetables by street address, stop name or stop number. Stop-specific timetables are available here. 



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