FAQ: Traveling

Who can sit in the priority seats? 

Anyone can sit in the priority seats, if there is room on the bus/tram. However, the seats are first and foremost meant for senior citizens, disabled and other passengers who have difficulty standing. The purpose of the designated priority seats is to make travel easier for mobility impaired passengers and improve safety. Common sense and good manners are always good guides. On public transport, this means that the young and fit give their seats to the elderly and infirm.

Why do I have to signal the bus to stop?

If you are waiting at a stop used by several buses or trams, you should signal the driver to stop by raising your arm. Only the Metro and trains automatically stop at all stations. Stopping at all stops would increase journey times on buses and trams. 

What is a stop number?

Each stop has a unique number allowing passengers to search for departure times. The stop number is displayed along the top of the shelter, on timetables and HSL's online timetable services.

Why a mother with a baby in a sling cannot travel for free while a person traveling with a small child aged 0-6 years in a pram, pushchair or wheelchair is entitled to free travel on public transport?

The rule was designed with the child's safety in mind. If you’re traveling with a pram or pushchair, you need to board the vehicle through the middle door. The adult traveling with a small child in a pram can travel for free so that they do not have to leave the child unattended in the pram while paying the fare.

A child in a sling or front carrier is safely with the parent. The parent can board the bus through the front door and pay the fare prior to taking a seat without having to leave the child alone.

I was issued a penalty fare although I ordered an mobileticket at the Metro station. Why? 

Mobile ticket is not a valid ticket until you have received the ticket. On the Metro, passengers must have a ticket before entering the Metro platform area after having passed the Travel Card readers. The beginning of the platform area is marked with a yellow line.

It is the passenger's responsibility to ensure they have received mobile ticket before boarding a tram, commuter train, bus or ferry, or entering the Metro platform area. If you order or receive the ticket when you are already on a vehicle or in the Metro platform area, the ticket is not valid and you may be issued a penalty fare.

Can I get a refund for my ticket if the bus is late?

Minor disruptions to transport services such as a service not running or being delayed or ahead of time, do not entitle customers to refunds.


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