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If you are traveling with a child aged 0-6 years in a pram, pushchair or wheelchair, you are entitled to free travel on HSL’s public transport services. The child does not have to be in the pram or pushchair during the journey.

On low-floor trams, the space for prams is located by the two front doors, on other trams the space is in the middle. On buses, you should board through the middle doors. On Metro trains, the best place for prams is opposite the doors; on new Metro trains, the best place is in the middle section. Prams are allowed also on commuter trains.

When boarding a high-floor bus or tram, lift the pram with the handle side going in first. When getting off a low-floor bus or tram, it is safest that you first get off yourself and pull the pram out by the handle. At Metro stations, please use the lift as it is not safe to take prams on escalators. During your journey, please take care that the pram remains firmly in place.

Bus and tram drivers do not have to take on board several prams, pushchairs, or wheelchairs at the same time if the space reserved for them is full. Please note that on Kerava internal routes 5 and 8 prams are allowed on board at the driver's discretion.

Buses and trams have a special pram button. Use the button to make the doors stay open longer. All passengers with reduced mobility are advised to use the pram button. The buttons are placed near the doors.

Prams on U line services


Bicycles can be carried on commuter trains as well as on the metro at all times, provided there is space.  It is forbidden to ride bicycles at stations. For safety reasons, use a lift when traveling with a bicycle.

On the Suomenlinna ferry, bicycles can be carried for an additional fee. For prices, see the webpages of Suomenlinnan Liikenne Oy (linkki).

If you are traveling with a bicycle, please take care not to cause inconvenience or danger to other passengers.

Bicycles are not allowed on buses and trams. However, folding bikes are allowed on buses and trams provided they are folded.


You can take a reasonable amount of luggage with you on public transport. There is always room for shopping bags, suitcases, prams or skis.

However, make sure that your luggage is not causing inconvenience to other passengers. If a large item of luggage looks likely to inconvenience other passengers, the bus driver can refuse to carry it. In addition, drivers can refuse to take on board several prams or wheelchairs at the same time if the space reserved for them is full.


Dogs, cats and other pets are allowed on public transport as long as they do not cause inconvenience to other passengers. Pets travel free of charge. On the Metro and commuter trains, pets can be carried only in compartments with no sign indicating prohibition on the outside.

Small pets travel most comfortably on your lap, larger pets in the legroom. At stations, it is advisable to use a lift with your pet, when possible.

Guide dogs accompanying visually impaired persons as well as dogs assisting disabled persons and service dogs are always welcome on board.

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