Penalty fare

If a passenger is not able to produce a valid ticket, he or she is charged a penalty fare of 80 euros and the price of a single (or value) ticket.

When traveling on the metro, you must have the ticket before you enter the metro platform area after having passed the Travel Card readers. For example, if you use an SMS ticket, make sure you have received the ticket before entering the platform area.

HSL’s ticket inspectors check tickets on buses, trains, trams, the metro and the Suomenlinna ferry.

Revoking a penalty fare

A penalty fare can be revoked upon appeal if you had a valid season ticket loaded on a personal Travel Card at the moment when the penalty fare was issued. In order to have a penalty fare revoked, you must visit the Penalty Fares Office at the Central Railway Station in Helsinki.

If you were issued a penalty fare on Helsinki internal bus services, the metro, tram or the Suomenlinna ferry, you can also go to an HSL service point ant the Central Railway Station or in Itäkeskus. The service point sends your appeal to the Penalty Fares Office. The office will contact you within one week if the penalty fare cannot be revoked. 

When visiting the office to have your penalty fare revoked, you need to have with you:

  • the penalty fare notice, 
  •  your personal Travel Card, and
  • an official identification document (an official identity card, passport, or Kela card with a photograph). Also a minor’s identity card and Kela card without a photograph suffice to prove the identity of a child.

You can also authorize another person to take care of the matter if you presented a proof of identity with a photograph when the penalty fare was issued. The authorized person must provide a signed letter of authorization from you.

The ticket sold by the ticket inspector shall not be refunded.

If the due date of the penalty fare has passed, you need to make a request for rectification to have the penalty fare reversed. Appeal instructions can be found on the reverse side of the penalty fare notice.

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