Checking the contents of your HSL card

You can check the tickets and value balance on your HSL card by holding the card still in the card reader's reading area, in the middle of the key pad. The following information will show up on the display after about 5 seconds:

  • value balance on the card
  • season ticket and its expiry date, if there is a season ticket
  • valid value ticket(s), and
  • expiry time of the value ticket(s) transfer time

You can also ask the driver for a card printout. At service points, you can get a more detailed printout showing all loadings and value transactions from the past six months.

It is also possible to store your personal data or a company’s business ID on a multi-user HSL card at the time of purchase as a safeguard in case the card is lost. This can only be done at HSL's service points at the moment of purchase. Storing your personal data on the card is a good safeguard in case the card is lost as it enables the transfer of value or season ticket to a new card.

Change of address and other changes to customer information

You can report a change of address at any HSL card service point. Because the new information needs to be updated also on your HSL card, you need to bring your card with you. That is why the change of address cannot be reported in writing or by phone.

If you have a discount HSL card and there are changes to your basis for discount, for example, you finish your studies or you no longer receive national pension from Kela, you must visit a service point to update your HSL card.