Refunds and Conditions of Carriage

HSL card enquiries and refunds are dealt with at service points. To view the contact details of service points, use the sales point search. When making an enquiry, you must present a proof of identity such as an ID card, passport, driver’s license, or a Kela card with photograph.

Claims for refund and/or complaints must be made within two months from the date the defect is discovered or the reason for a refund arises. Possible refunds are paid in compliance with the provisions given on consumer protection. Refunds are possible only for personal HSL cards or multi-user HSL cards with the owner’s personal data or company’s business ID.

If your card does not work properly, please visit a service point. Disruptions to transport services, for example a service not running or being delayed or ahead of time, do not entitle customers to refunds.

Detailed instructions for season ticket and value refunds are provided in HSL's Conditions of Carriage.

Conditions of Carriage

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