Neighborhood routes

 Neighborhood routes (service routes) are designed to serve, in particular, the elderly and mobility impaired people. The routes have been tailored to accommodate the needs of these special need groups, but they can be used by anyone. The routes are operated with low-floor minibuses. On these routes, there is no hurry and when needed the driver helps passengers on and off the bus.

Neighborhood routes provide easy access to local services such as shops, health center, library, swimming hall, etc. The routes have designated bus stops but if need be, you can get on or off the bus elsewhere, within traffic regulations.

There are also stops or places where the buses call only on demand. If you want to get on the bus at such place, please call the number provided in the timetable.

Neighborhood routes operate on weekdays and usually each route operates only on certain weekdays as stated in the timetables.

You can travel on the routes with regional tickets as well as city internal tickets within the city in question.

Timetables in the Journey Planner

Neighborhood routes in Helsinki

Neighborhood routes operating in different neighborhoods in Helsinki are operated with minibuses that can, in addition to designated bus stops, stop anywhere along the route, within traffic regulations. Neighborhood routes mainly operate Monday to Friday during the daytime. Some routes have services also on Saturdays.

Neighborhood routes naturally accept the same tickets as other HSL services. You can also transfer from the routes to other routes within the 60 minute transfer time. On some of the routes the transfer time is 80 minutes.  

Haaga, Munkkiniemi, Pitäjänmäki and Hakuninmaa

31 Pohjois-Haaga – Munkkivuori
32 Pohjois-Haaga – Munkkivuori
33 Munkkivuori – Tarvo
34 Munkkivuori – Kaskisaari
35 Niemenmäki – Munkkivuori – Rakuunantie
36 Konala - Kannelmäki - Maununneva - Pirkkola
201 Leppävaara – Mäkkylä - Pitäjänmäki - Pajamäki

Pakila and Oulunkylä

603 Malmi - Oulunkylä - Koskela - Käpylä - Maunula - Pakila - Paloheinä

Malmi and the surrounding areas

701 Viikki – Pihlajamäki – Malmi – Suutarila – Siltamäki
702 Jakomäki – Puistola – Malmi – Tapaninvainio – Savela
704 Malmi – Sepänmäki

Mellunmäki, Kontula, Itäkeskus and Laajasalo

801 Itäkeskus – Varjakanvalkama
802 Itäkeskus – Marjaniemi – Roihuvuori – Herttoniemi – Laajasalo – Jollas
805 Itäkeskus – Mellunkylä – Myllypuro
811 Kivikko – Kontula – Mellunmäki - Länsimäki - Rajakylä
812 Mellunmäki – Vesala – Kontula – Myllypuro


813 Vuosaari(M) – Pohjoinen ostoskeskus
814 Vuosaari(M) – Koukkusaarentie
815 Vuosaari(M) – Isonvillasaarentie
816 Vuosaari(M) – Kallahdenniemi – Ramsinniemi
817 Vuosaari(M) – Kallahti
818 Vuosaari(M) – Vuosaari Harbor - Mellunmäki(M)
819 Vuosaari(M) – Uutela

Neighborhood routes in Espoo and Kauniainen

In Espoo and Kauniainen, neighborhood routes operate Monday to Friday in Tapiola, Matinkylä and Olari, Espoonlahti, Espoon keskus and Kauklahti, Leppävaara and Kaunianen.

Tapiola area 

116 Tapiola – Pohjois-Tapiola PDF iconroute map and timetable
117 Tapiolan uimahalli – Aarnivalkea – Itäranta - Tapiola PDF iconroute map and timetable
119 Tapiola – Oravannahkatori - Niittykumpu PDF iconroute map and timetable

Matinkylä and Olari

137 Tynnyripuisto – Matinkallio – Piispankylä – Kuitinmäki PDF iconroute map and timetable
138 Tynnyripuisto – Nuottaniemi – Matinkallio PDF iconroute map and timetable

Espoonlahti area 

148 Espoonlahden keskus – Soukka - Iivisniemi PDF iconroute map and timetable
149 Espoonlahden keskus – Kivenlahti PDF iconroute map and timetable

Espoon keskus and Kauklahti
Espoon keskus - Mikkelä - Kauklahti PDF iconroute map and timetable
169 Espoon keskus - Suvela PDF iconroute map and timetable

Leppävaara area 

207 Leppävaara - Lintukorpi -Vallikallio - Leppävaara  route map and timetable
229 Leppävaara - Karakallio - Viherlaakso PDF iconroute map and timetable


232 Kirkkotie - Gallträsk - Kasavuori - Kirkkotie PDF iconroute map and timetable

Neighborhood routes in Vantaa

313 Kaivoksela­ – Myyrmäki – Hämeenkylä PDF iconroute map and timetable
413 Martinlaakso – Myyrmäki PDF iconroute map and timetable
618 Tikkurila – Simonkylä – Leinelä – Peijas PDF iconroute map and timetable
713 Kuninkaanmäki – Hakunila – Vaarala PDF iconroute map and timetable
723 Päiväkumpu – Rekola – Havukoski – Koivukylä – Peijas PDF iconroute map and timetable

Also neighborhood route 811, Kivikko – Kontula – Mellunmäki - Länsimäki – Rajakylä (route map, timetable), operates in Vantaa.

Neighborhood routes in Kirkkonummi

There are two on-demand neighborhood routes in Kirkkonummi.

Neighborhood route 918 operates on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 7am-11.30am and 12.30pm-4.30pm. The bus serves South Kirkkonummi, central Kirkkonummi and Vols.

Neighborhood route 919 operates on Tuesdays and Thursdays 7am-11.30am and 12.30pm-4.30pm. The bus serves North Kirkkonummi, central Kirkkonummi and Vols.

The operating areas of buses 918 and 919

How to book a ride on a neighborhood route in Kirkkonummi:
• Call 09 274 6900
• Tell the name or stop number of your departure stop or your departure address, in which case the bus will pick you up at the closest stop/pick-up point.
• Go to the stop/pick-up point at the time confirmed with you.

Please book your ride at least two hours before the desired departure time. You can book a ride two weeks in advance. A standard local call charge applies to the call, there are no additional charges. The buses accept HSL tickets. You can buy a single ticket from the driver.

Neighborhood routes in Siuntio (“Avainlinjat”)

In Siuntio, “Avainlinjat” bus services operate Monday-Friday usually 7am-9am and 1pm-4pm. The buses serve areas not served by other public transport. In addition, some of the buses operate daytime services 9am-1pm on Mondays or Wednesdays.

The buses accept HSL tickets.

912 Kuntakeskus – Pikkala PDF iconroute map and  PDF icontimetable
913 Kuntakeskus – Västerby/Kela - Karskog PDF iconroute map and PDF icontimetable
914 Kuntakeskus – Raivio – Lappers - Vejans PDF iconroute map and  PDF icontimetable
915 Kuntakeskus – Niemenkylä – Annila - Kahvimaa PDF iconroute map and PDF icontimetable
916 Kuntakeskus – Siuntion kk – Suitia - Pauni PDF iconroute map and PDF icontimetable
917 Kuntakeskus – Siuntion kk - Hästböle PDF iconroute map and PDF icontimetable

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