Park & Ride

Park & Ride facilities are designed for public transport users. The parking areas are located close to public transport stops and stations. You can leave your car or bike at a Park & Ride and continue by public transport. The maximum parking time at most sites is 10, 12 or 24 hours. There are both paid and free Park & Ride sites.

If you have an HSL ticket, you can park for free or for a small fee. At paid parking areas, you need to show a valid adult or child public transport ticket when you drive in or after having parked your car. You can use a mobile ticket on the HSL app, or personal or multi-user HSL card with a season ticket or value, or a disposable card with a day ticket or single ticket. The parking area must be located within the validity area of your HSL ticket. Pay for your parking at a parking ticket machine by cash or card. At some Park & Ride sites, you can also pay using mobile payment.

At parking areas available for a fee, the maximum parking time is 10-12 hours for a fee of 1-4 euros.

The following Park & Ride facilities have card readers: Matinkylä, Niittykumpu, Urheilupuisto, Tapiola, Ruoholahti, Kalasatama and Myllupuro (along the metro line) as well as Leppävaara, Martinlaakso and Malmi (along the rail line) and Laajasalo.

This is what you should do:

  • Show your HSL card or disposable card to the card reader or the QR code of a mobile ticket (available in the ‘Ticket inspection’ mode of the HSL app) to the QR reader. You can use either a personal or multi-user HSL card with a season ticket or value, or a disposable card with a day ticket or single ticket. You can buy a value ticket at the reader. If using the HSL app, you must have a valid adult or child single ticket, day ticket or season ticket on the app.
  • Take your parking ticket. You might need the parking ticket to enter the floor on which the Park & Ride is located.
  • Please follow the signs and instructions.
  • Place your parking ticket inside your windscreen for the duration of parking, if instructed to do so.
  • When leaving, insert your parking ticket into the payment machine and pay your parking. Use the ticket you get from the machine to exit the car park.

How to use Park & Ride in Vantaa

You can park for free for up to 12 hours if you have a valid HSL or VR ticket when using a VR ticket, the departure station must be the same as the Park & Ride station, read more about VR's Park & Ride). Otherwise the parking fee is 5 euros.

You can view the Park & Ride areas on the map. Click on a point on the map to see the number of car and bicycle spaces. Zoom in to see all car and bicycle spaces in the area. You may have to click on the link more than once to see all the areas. Car spaces are marked in light blue, bike spaces with a bike icon. Click on the area to view the details of an individual parking area.