HSL promotes sustainable mobility

Traffic volumes and modal choices – and consequently the energy consumption and environmental impacts of traffic – can be influenced by controlling the transport system, land use planning and communications.  

Encouraging people to make smart travel choices using various means of guidance is called mobility management. Mobility management can include, for example, making services easier to use together with the users. New customers also need information and encouragement in trying new modes of transport and making choices.

Nowadays, most of the carbon emissions of transport are from road transport. It also consumes the most energy. The aim is to encourage people to reduce driving alone in their cars and increase walking, cycling, use of public transport, car sharing, ride sharing and economic driving. Good public transport services, town planning and locating services and jobs close to housing reduce the need to use a car on a daily basis.

HSL coordinates the planning of the Helsinki Region Transport System Plan. As we are responsible for the organization of public transport in the region, we also want to increase the share of public transport. Our partners in the promotion of smart travel include, for example, employers and educational institutions as well as other actors in the field of transport.