Encouraging smart commuting pays off

HSL helps you to develop measures and incentives for smart commuting, i.e. walking, cycling, use of car sharing services or ride sharing.  

Employers can, for example, promote commuter cycling by improving cycle parking, dressing and shower facilities and by providing bicycles for work related errands or company bicycles. Employers can also increase telecommuting, make car parking subject to charge or provide training in economic driving for those who need car in their work. Competitions and campaigns motivate staff to walk and cycle, while employer-subsidized commuter tickets encourage staff to use public transport.

By planning and incentives, employers can reduce commutes made alone by car on average by 10-30 per cent: flow of traffic improves, emissions decrease and costs incurred by driving decrease. Commuting exercise improves the health, wellbeing and work fitness of the staff. In addition, supporting smart commuting is an asset for recruitment and provides image benefits.

Commuting calculator and mobility plan

Commuting plan is a plan consisting of concrete measures to promote smart travel.

In order to be successful in developing a commuting plan, employers need factual information about the current staff commuting habits and related development needs. HSL’s easy-to-use Commuting Calculator provides this information. Commuting Calculator is a free online tool designed for companies. Employers get their own username and password to create staff commuting surveys, edit them and to view the results.  Employees can find out their own travel profile and get comparison data on their own commutes as well as tips for sustainable commuting.

Try the calculator

Questions on pages 1-7 are compulsory and questions on pages 8-15 are optional. If you wish to include other travel-related questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Order a username and password and instruction for use from

Employers can use the calculator independently free of charge or order an HSL start kit.

Make staff commuting smarter with commuting plans – consultants help you if need be

If you wish, you can get help for developing a commuting plan from competent service providers. They help you to analyze the Commuting Calculator results and translate them into a concrete action plan.  You can also commission, for example, studies on and cost estimates for the use of various mobility services.

‘Employer that makes you move’ certificate

Employers who are committed to promoting smart travel can apply for HSL's ‘Employer that makes you move’ certificate. The certificate can be granted to employers who have studied their staff commuting habits and taken measures to promote smart travel.  

The following companies have been granted the certificate:

  • CGI
  • DB Schenker
  • DHL Business Park
  • Enfo
  • Ericsson
  • Etera
  • Finavia
  • Finkraft
  • Finlayson Oy
  • HCL Technologies
  • Helsingin kaupungin rakennusvirasto
  • Hewlett-Packard Oy
  • HUS (Helsingin ja Uudenmaan sairaanhoitopiiri)
  • Innofactor
  • Jumbon kauppakeskus
  • Kantar TNS
  • Linea Konsultit Oy
  • Newsec
  • Psycon Oy
  • Sito Oy
  • SOK
  • Talokeskus
  • Vaisala
  • Valpastin Oy
  • Vantaan kaupungin kuntatekniikan keskus
  • WSP Finland

Questions related to the

Advice on choosing a location

We help you to choose a location for your business premises along good public transport links. You can order a tailored travel time map which shows the geographical dispersion of your employees across the travel time zones.


Advice on public transport

We can provide your employees with information about our services and tickets as well as personal advice on the use of our online service, for example. We can also help you to organize a smart travel theme day.

Electronic public transport timetable services

Embed a Journey Planner search box on your intranet or website or attach a link to the Journey Planner to your event invitations.

Order real-time public transport timetables to your business premises, e.g. on a lobby display.


Encourage cycling

Commuter cycling is excellent incidental exercise which improves work fitness and reduces sickness absences.  

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