Ticket sales on commuter trains to end on 19 June

Ticket sales on commuter trains in the capital region will end on Monday 19 June. Conductors will remain on trains and patrol them in pairs. The change applies to HSL area trains and VR commuter trains.

From 19 June, commuter train passengers need to buy their tickets before boarding the train. Travel Card value tickets can be bought on board as before.

Conductors to patrol the trains in pairs

Conductors will patrol the trains in pairs helping and advising passengers and checking passengers’ tickets. In future, conductors will move through the trains instead of working only in ticket sales compartments. Conductors will walk through one train and then move to another. In the evening and at night, there will be conductors on all trains.  Read more

Choose the best way to buy your ticket. There are several options.

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The most economical option is to use value loaded on an HSL Travel Card. Card readers are available in the train vestibule.

HSL’s mobile ticket is handy. You can pay your ticket in your phone bill or by credit card. Download the app and you will always have a ticket machine in your pocket. Read more

You can also buy your ticket at a ticket machine at the station.

In addition, single tickets can be bought in advance at R kiosks and other HSL sales points.

A comprehensive sales point search and a list of the locations of ticket machines is available here

You can also call our free customer service line on 09 4766 4000 to ask about sales points.

If you are traveling to outside the HSL area, you need a VR ticket

Ticket sales will also end on VR commuter trains. At the same time, VR’s commuter train area will extend to Tampere. Read more