How to use the Travel Card on a new card reader


    Checking card balance and information

    If you want to check the card balance and/or days remaining on your season ticket, hold your card on the card reader for about 3 seconds. The card reader will display any valid single tickets, season tickets and remaining value.


    Using a season ticket or transferring from one vehicle to another

    Show your Travel Card to the reader. You need not press any buttons.


    Buying a value ticket

    Select travel zone

    Confirm by pressing OK

    Show your Travel Card to the reader


    Ticket for several passengers

    Select travel zone

    Press "add passengers"

    Select the number of passengers. Incluse yourself in the number. Press OK.

    Show your Travel Card to the reader.

    If you have a valid season ticket, your ticket is automatically taken into account and the tickets for the other passengers are charged to the card balance. Your season ticket will be refunded at the end.


    Things to bear in mind

    • Hold your Travel Card flat on the reader
    • The reader is a sensitive touch-screen device. You don’t need to press it hard, a short tap is enough
    • You can use the device with one hand, with gloves on
    • You can cancel your purchase by pressing the red ‘x’ button at any time.
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