Using the HSL card

Using the HSL card in the new zone system from 27 April

You can use the HSL card to pay for all your public transport journeys in the HSL area. You can travel with a season ticket or pay for your fare with value, i.e. money loaded on the card.

How to get an HSL card

There are two types of HSL cards: personal and multi-user. Personal HSL cards can only be used by the owner of the card. However, you can also buy tickets for other people with your personal HSL card, provided you travel together throughout the journey.

Multi-user cards can be used by anyone holding the card. There are adult cards and child cards (for children aged 7–17 years). Season tickets loaded on a personal HSL card are cheaper if you live permanently in the HSL area because HSL’s member municipalities subsidize their residents’ seasong tickets.

Season tickets loaded on personal HSL cards are cheaper than season tickets loaded on multi-user cards. Prices are available in the price calculator or price brochure.

Personal HSL cards are available from service points or HSL’s online store (available in Finnish only). If you buy the card at a service point, please bring with you a driving lisence, passport or an ID card.

Purchases from the online store require authentication with online banking credentials. The cards are delivered by mail, the delivery time is about 5 working days. The card is ready for use once you have topped it up with a season ticket or money.

Multi-user HSL cards are available from all R-kiosks in the HSL area, as well as from many supermarkets, other sales points and service points.

A card charge of 5 euros is charged for a new HSL card.

Use the sales points search to find the closest ticket machine, service point or sales point.

Topping up your HSL card

You can top up your HSL card with a season ticket or value, i.e. money, or both if you like. A season ticket is the most economical option if you travel often: the ticket allows you unlimited travel within is validity. 

You can top up your HSL card at service points and various sales points, as well as at some HSL ticket machines. Use the sales points search to find the closest ticket machine, service point or sales point.

Checking the balance and tickets on your card

You can check the tickets and value balance on your HSL card by holding your card on the card reader.

The following information will show up on the display after about five seconds:

  • Value balance on the card;
  • Season ticket, if you have one, and its expiry date;
  • Valid value ticket(s); and
  • The expiry time of the value ticket transfer time. In addition, you can see any tickets that are not valid in the current zone/at the moment.

You can also get a printout of your card information from the bus driver. At service points you can get a more detailed printout showing all loading and value transactions approximately from the last six months.

You can also store your personal information or a company’s business ID on a multi-user card. This can only be done at a service point at the moment of purchase. Storing your personal information on the card enables the transfer of value or season ticket to a new card if you lose the card.          

Using a season ticket or interchanging between services or modes of transport

Show your HSL card to the card reader. You do not need to press any buttons. A green screen indicates that your season ticket is valid.

Buying a value ticket

1. Select travel zone.

2. Pay your fare by showing your HSL card to the reader.

3.The audible and green screen that your ticket purchase was successful.


Buying tickets for several passengers

1. Select travel zone.

2. Press the + button on the top right corner of the reader

3. Select the number of tickets and press OK.

4. Pay the tickets by showing your HSL card to the reader.

Buying a zone extension ticket

If you have a valid season ticket on your HSL card, you can expand your travel area by buying an inexpensive zone extension ticket for one or more zones. You only pay the zone extension fare.

1. Select travel zone

2. Pay your fare by showing your HSL card to the reader.

3. The green screen shows which zone extension ticket you have purchased.

Other things to bear in mind

  • Hold your card flat on the reader.
  • The reader is a sensitive touch-screen device. You don’t need to press it hard, a short tap is enough.
  • You can use the device with one hand, with gloves on.
  • Use the arrow button in the upper left corner to go back a step. 
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