Route network plan for Kivistö

HSL is developing the bus network in the Kivistö area

HSL has started the development of the route network plan for Kivistö. The plan covers bus routes 431, 432, 433(K), 434, 443(K), 444(T), 445(T), 446, 447, 576 and 616.

Respond to HSL’s travel survey

Respond to HSL’s travel survey by 27 October 2019 at: HSL is conducting the survey to understand the travel habits of people in the Kivistö area. The survey focuses on the operating areas of buses 431, 432, 433(K), 434, 443(K), 444(T), 445(T), 446, 447, 576 and 616. We gather information about people’s travel habits to help us develop the bus network in Kivistö.

You can follow the progress of the planning in the blog about the Kivistö route network plan (in Finnish). The blog also allows you to contact HSL’s public transport planners. There will also be other ways to participate in the planning, and information about these will be provided later on the blog and on other HSL information channels. You can also give your feedback via HSL’s feedback system and customer service.

The aim is to develop a route network that will meet the needs of the current and future residents of Kivistö as well as other people travelling in the area, as well as to ease travel to key destinations and to create a more streamlined bus network.

The current route network was adopted in 2015 when the Ring Rail Line was opened. The route network needs to be reviewed because land use and people’s travel needs in the area have significantly changed and population in the area is growing.

The changes proposed in the Hämeenlinnanväylä and Vihdintie route network plans currently under preparation will be taken into account in the plan for Kivistö.

The planning is carried out in cooperation with the City of Vantaa. The route network plan is due to be completed in spring 2020 and the new route network is scheduled to launched in autumn 2022.