Mobile ticket

Download the HSL Mobile ticket app on your smartphone and buy HSL single tickets and day tickets conveniently directly to your mobile phone. The app now includes single and day tickets for children aged 7-17 years.

HSL’s free Mobile ticket app is available for all Android, Windows and iPhone devices with iOS 8 or later. Child tickets are now available on all three devices.

HSL mobile tickets are valid on all modes of transport. There are tickets for all HSL travel zones. Mobile tickets can be paid by Visa, Visa Electron or MasterCard, or you can have them charged to your phone bill.

Windows 10

Windows Phone 8.1 or earlier

You now have an HSL ticket machine in your pocket!

You can use the HSL Mobile ticket app to buy adult of child single tickets or day tickets for Helsinki, Espoo and Kaunianen, Vantaa, Kirkkonummi and Siuntio, or Kerava, Sipoo and Tuusula, or Regional, Extended region 2 or Extended region 3 tickets. Mobile ticket entitles you to travel on all HSL area buses, trams, metro, commuter trains and Suomenlinna ferry. The ticket includes an unlimited transfer right within the relevant travel zone during its validity.

Mobile tickets cannot be used for Park & Ride.

At the beginning of 2018, the prices of mobile tickets were cut and they now cost the same as Travel Card value tickets. In addition, the separate night fare was withdrawn. Mobile day tickets cost the same as day tickets bought from a sales point or ticket machine.  Use the price calculator to check the price of the mobile ticket you need.

Buy your ticket in advance

You must purchase your ticket in advance. You can choose when the validity of your mobile ticket begins. You can set the ticket to be valid immediately or within 1-24 hours from the moment of purchase. Please ensure that the ticket has arrived on your HSL Mobile ticket app before you board the vehicle or enter the Metro platform area or the Suomenlinna ferry pier. Please note that you enter the Metro platform area when you get on the escalator after having passed the Travel Card readers. The beginning of the platform area is marked with a yellow line. If you have not ordered or received your ticket before boarding the vehicle or entering the Metro or Suomenlinna ferry platform area, you may be charged a penalty fare.

Internal, regional and 2-zone extended regional tickets are valid for 80 minutes from the moment of purchase. Three-zone extended regional tickets are valid for 100 minutes. Day tickets are valid for 1-7 days.

Payment methods

Mobile tickets are charged via card payment to your Visa, Visa Electron or MasterCard (debit/credit) or via mobile payment to your phone bill. Charging to phone bill is possible with subscription of Telia, Elisa, DNA and their subsidiaries, provided you have the right to charge purchases to your subscription’s phone bill and your phone is connected to a mobile data network. If you are connected to a wireless local area network, you cannot pay via mobile payment. The mobile payment limit is 50 euros.

A valid mobile ticket is three-colored. When the ticket expires, it turns red and white. You can complete your journey but not transfer to another vehicle. The primary color of expired tickets is grey. When travelling by bus, show your ticket to the driver. When travelling by train, the Metro, tram and the Suomenlinna ferry you must show your ticket to a ticket inspector or conductor upon request. Please also ensure that the time on your mobile phone is correct.

An offline function has been added to the app, i.e. the tickets are available also without internet or WiFi connection. No continuous internet connection is required.

Still unsure about something? See frequently asked questions here.

In case of any problems, you can call HSL Customer Service: 

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