Comments collected on HSL’s route network plan for Korso-Koivykylä area

Residents are invited to comment on HSL's route network plan
2014-2021 for Korso-Koivukylä area. 

Comments on the plan can be submitted on HSL’s blog devoted
for the plan. The language of the blog is Finnish. All material
related to the plan is available in Finnish only. 

To the blog

The material can be viewed also at the Citizens' Office in
Lumo, Korso (Urpiaisentie 14). HSL’s Transport Planners will be
presenting the draft plan in two open residents' meetings. The
first meeting will be on Thursday 26 January 5pm - 7pm in Lumo,
Korso. The other meeting will be on 2 February 5pm – 7pm at
Koivukylä library (Hakopolku 2). 


Comments collected on HSL’s route network plan, You have to choose your own network plan where you can easily find different routes where you can start networking with all of those styles which are important when you start to collected different plans which are important for you.

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