Extensive efforts to improve public transport safety

A new safety strategy has been created for HSL area public
transport. The aim is to ensure the safety of both passengers and
staff; everyone has the right to travel and work on public
transport without fear of violence or harassment. Safety is an
important quality factor which affects people’s choice of the mode
of transport and passengers’ satisfaction with public transport. 

The safety strategy, which is the result of cooperation
between a large number of actors, also includes a program of
practical measures for 2012-2016. As part of the strategy, HSL will
create indicators to measure the success of the safety program.

Safety through prevention

Safety is promoted through a variety of preventive measures,
such as increased training of drivers, ticket inspectors and
conductors. HSL will draw up safety instructions for passengers and
enhance communications of safety-related information. Guards will
continue to be present at key terminals and stations especially on
weekend nights, and onboard patrols will be increased.

HSL together with its partners in cooperation also strives to
influence passengers' attitudes and the general atmosphere on
public transport. The recently launched Travel Peace campaign
invites passengers to participate in creating a travel culture that
is based on mutual respect, help and tolerance.

New tools for drivers

Onboard safety equipment will be increased. During this year,
drivers will get alarm buttons. Emergency calls will be directed to
a centrally managed control room. The control room will be
responsible for assessing the situation and sending guards or
authorities to help. When tendering bus services, HSL requires that
both old and new buses are equipped with a driver safety cabin.
Also onboard camera surveillance will be increased.

In addition to the safety of passengers and staff, the
strategy addresses safeguarding of property and the impact of
public transport on general traffic safety. 

The following bodies have participated in the preparation of
the safety strategy: HSL, HKL, VR, bus operators and public
transport staff, HSL's member municipalities, the Finnish Transport
Agency, Regional State Administrative Agencies, police, the Uusimaa
Centre for Economic Development, the Finnish Transport Safety
Agency, the Emergency Response Centre Administration, Helsinki City
Rescue Department and the Finnish Public Transport Association. The
parties will sign a Letter of Intent on the implementation of the
strategy in the near future.

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