HSL measures customer satisfaction in wintry conditions

This winter, HSL conducts a customer satisfaction survey also on
the Suomenlinna ferry. In previous years, the survey was conducted
on the ferry only every other summer. The questionnaire is
available in Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian. 

HSL measures customer satisfaction annually on all modes of
public transport (buses, trains, Metro, trams, Suomenlinna ferry)
from January to the end of November. The survey periods are spring,
summer and autumn.

Customer satisfaction surveys on the Suomenlinna ferry in
February: 13 – 17 February and 20 – 24 February

“The scope and systematic nature of the public transport
customer satisfaction surveys gives the Helsinki region a leading
position in international comparison”, says Antti Vuorela, Head of
Operation Research at HSL.

HSL seeks passengers' views on public transport throughout
the year.  In the questionnaires, passengers are asked to evaluate
the quality and performance of the services. Some 50,000 passengers
give their views on public transport annually.

The results of the customer satisfaction surveys conducted in
winter are available in June/July. Most of the questions are
standard questions that enable HSL to monitor the quality of
service in the long-term. HSL also seeks customers’ views on
topical issues. At the moment, new topics include online ticket
purchase, safety and usefulness of timetable booklets.



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