HSL’s Interim Report 2/2012

Both public transport passenger numbers and ticket revenue have
been on an upward trend in early 2012. In January – August, the
number of passengers was 191.9 million, an increase of 3.2% on the
previous year. 

HSL monitors passenger numbers on buses, trams, the Metro and
Suomenlinna ferry. The figures do not include commuter train
passenger numbers, which are reported annually. In 2011, the
passenger numbers increased by 2.8 percent to some 336 million. In
2012, the passenger numbers are estimated to amount to 345.4


"Cold summer negatively affected passenger numbers on the
Suomenlinna ferry, but otherwise the ridership was up on all modes
of transport. This was despite the record number of diversions due
to construction projects. The disruption to the Metro service
caused by the Metro bridge work at Kalasatama, which lasted for
over a week, did not driver passenger away; instead, we received
plenty of positive feedback on the special arrangement during the
service disruption. 

By contrast, the extensive changes to the inner city bus
route network, which took place in August, confused many passengers
because the signing of bus stops was not completed in time and the
number of route changes was extremely high compared to an average
autumn. The goal of the changes was to speed up bus services in the
city center. HSL is now monitoring the impacts of the changes on
the use of downtown bus services," says the Executive Director of
HSL Suvi Rihtniemi.

Ticket revenue is estimated to amount to EUR 269.7
million, which is some 0.5 percent more than budgeted.  HSL’s total
operating income is estimated to be EUR 563.3 million, of which
ticket revenue accounts for 47.9 % and municipal contributions for
49.3 %. The forecast exceeds the budget by EUR 2.1 million. HSL’s
operating income consists of ticket revenue, municipal
contributions, penalty fares, State subsidies and rental

Public transport operating costs account for 79% of HSL’s
operating expenses. In 2012, the operating costs are estimated to
amount to EUR 439.6 million, of which the costs by mode of
transport are as follows: bus services EUR 296.5 million; train
services EUR 65.8 million; Metro services EUR 24.4 million; tram
services EUR 48.2 million; and ferry services EUR 4.2 million.

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