HSL’s online Idea Workshop opened to discuss Aviapolis public transport services

HSL invites people to participate in the planning of Aviapolis
public transport services. HSL’s online Idea Workshop allows
residents to express their views on Aviapolis public transport
services and to comment HSL's public transport plan for the area.
Through the forum, users can also submit their own ideas. The
Aviapolis area, which consists of the residential areas of
Tammisto, Kartanonkoski, Pakkala, Veromies and Ylästö, is currently
home to some 16,500 people and the number of inhabitants is
increasing. HSL hopes that the online interactive forum will
attract a large number of people to discuss public transport
services in the area. The language of the forum is Finnish. 

Ring Rail Line brings faster connections

HSL will prepare a public transport service plan for the
Aviapolis area during early 2012. The plan is designed for the
situation in which services are launched on the Ring Rail Line
connecting the main rail line, the Airport and Vantaankoski rail
line. The plan will also discuss those crosstown bus routes in
Vantaa that run via Aviapolis. The aim is to introduce the new
route network at the same time as train services commence on the
Ring Rail Line, i.e. in early 2015. HSL's aim is to create a clear
route network with high-frequency trunk routes. Ideas and comments
submitted via the Idea Workshop will be utilized in the planning. 

The Ring Rail Line will decrease the number of public
transport journeys made by bus as many passengers will switch to
train. The rail line will substantially improve the accessibility
of Aviapolis and the airport from different parts of the
metropolitan area. For example, journeys from places along the main
rail line, western Vantaa and western Helsinki will become
significantly faster. There will be two train stations in the
Aviapolis area: ‘Aviapolis’ in the junction of Tikkurilantie and
Tietotie and ‘Airport’ at the airport. 

Public transport
plan Idea Workshop for Aviapolis

Ring Rail Line (web pages of the Finnish
Transport Agency) 

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