HSL’s Transport Service Plan for 2012-2013 will extend the winter timetable period

HSL’s Transport Service Plan for 2012-2013 changes the winter
timetables in the HSL area so that in summer 2012, the winter
timetable period will extend to mid-June, i.e. two weeks longer
than previously. 

As of mid-June, transport services will operate with summer
schedules for eight weeks until mid-August. Previously there have
been separate schedules for the high summer. 

Due to the shorter summer timetable period, no separate
timetable booklets will be published for Helsinki internal
transport services. Timetables will be provided as route-specific
timetables available onboard and at service points as well as
online. Summer timetable booklets for Espoo and Vantaa will be
published but they will not be delivered to households. The
booklets will be available at service points and libraries. Winter
timetable booklets 2012-2013 will be published for all cities.

Changes to routes in the inner city of Helsinki and

The route network of southern and western Helsinki will change
in autumn 2012. The aim is to develop the route network in the
inner city of Helsinki and to introduce changes in particular to
those routes that have had problems with reliability and capacity.

Night service on tram route 4 will continue, which means that
the route of bus 18N will not be extended to Katajanokka, as
planned previously. 

In autumn 2012, bus 17 will start to operate between
Kruununhaka and Viiskulma on weekdays between 8am and 5pm.

In autumn 2012, HSL will redesign the route network in
Vuosaari by discontinuing routes 90B, 90BK, 90K and 562 and by
extending the route of bus 78 from Vuosaari metro station via
Aurinkolahti to Hansa Terminal. The bus 78 will start to run more
frequently during the day time. The bus will run every ten minutes
on weekdays between 9am and 2pm. 

Some night bus routes will be discontinued and mainly
replaced by new N routes. The changes aim at simplifying the night
bus route network and making it more extensive. 

Bus routes diverted in Tapiola

In Espoo, the biggest changes will take place in Tapiola.
Merituulentie will be closed to traffic due to the construction of
the West Metro at the beginning of 2013 and due to this, several
Espoo internal and regional bus routes will be diverted. The
diversion routes will probably remain in place until the West Metro
is completed.

Bus route 158 will be extended to Tillinmäki in autumn 2012. 

Night bus routes will be discontinued also in Espoo, and
mainly replaced by new N routes.

Changes to bus routes in Vantaa

In Vantaa, HSL will improve the summer service level on airport
route 61 together with VR. The route of bus 61 will change so that
the bus could better serve the expanding Pakkalanrinne residential

The network of regional routes operating to the airport will
be simplified in the beginning of the summer timetable period by
reducing the number of different routes. Services on route 615 will
be concentrated on one fast route, and part of the 615T services
will be transferred to route 620. The night route 620N will be
withdrawn. From the beginning of the summer timetable period, the
Aviapolis area and the employment area around the airport will be
served also by a new route 612.

From the beginning of the summer timetable period, HSL will
also increase service on route 650. Routes 651 and 652 will be
merged into route 652 which will run via Tammisto, Kartanonkoski
and Pakkalanrinne.

Some of the routes running between Myyrmäki and Martinlaakso
will start to run via Louhelantie and Uomatie underpass which will
reduce the travel time. Some routes operating in Koivukylä will no
longer call at Peijas Hospital which will reduce their travel

From the beginning of the summer timetable period, a new bus
route 69B will serve the Akseli employment area in Vantaa. The bus
will run from Kuninkaanmäki to Tikkurila railway station. The route
of bus 87, Mellunmäki-Leppäkorpi, will change in the beginning of
the summer timetable period.


New U line service to Kerava

As Sipoo has joined HSL, bus route 9 will be replaced in Kerava
by a new U line service 950 from the beginning of the winter
timetable period. Services in the new Bastukärr employment area
located in the border between Sipoo and Kerava will be improved by
changing the route of bus 738.

Comments from municipalities and residents

HSL's route network and timetable planners have drawn the plan
in cooperation with public transport experts of the municipalities,
operators as well as with the school authority of Espoo, the
Department of Education of the City of Vantaa and the school
authority of Kerava. HSL has invited comments on the plan from
operators. HSL also invited comments from residents.

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