HSL’s trunk buses to be painted orange

HSL's trunk route network plan for Helsinki region published
last autumn outlines a network of several trunk routes with a
service level close to that of rail services. At the moment, there
is one trunk bus route, i.e. route 550 also known as ‘Jokeri’. The
route, which was launched in 2003, has been a success. The
ridership on the route has increased by 40 percent during the past
five years. The increase is significantly higher than the average
increase in the public transport passenger numbers. According to
the plan, in 2022 there will be 12 this kind of high-frequency bus
services, five crosstown routes and seven radial routes.

Trunk bus routes have been created e.g. in Sweden and the
Netherlands. A typical requirement for trunk buses is a strong and
distinct visual appearance of both the buses and stops. A distinct
appearance makes it easy for customers to distinguish a trunk route
bus from a regular bus.  This in turn improves passengers’ user

The basic visual image of HSL’s trunk buses is based on the
company colors currently in use. The color of basic bus services is
blue and the color of trunk routes will be orange – the color of
metro trains. Orange color stands out well and reflects the aim of
high-frequency, high-quality Metro-like service of trunk routes.

The first orange buses will enter into service on the current
route 550 in August 2013. At the same time, HSL will trial open
fare collection on the route, i.e. passengers will be able to board
the buses through all doors instead of just the front door. Open
fare collection is currently in use on the Metro, commuter trains
and trams. 

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