Join us in promoting travel peace on public transport

Public transport is meant to be just that - something that is
for everyone. It is a democratic, sustainable mode of transport in
our rapidly expanding metropolitan area. At its best, public
transport is easy, affordable, reliable and safe. It provides a
means of transport also for those who cannot or do not want to
drive. Safety and the sense of safety are essential to good public
transport service, which in its turn contributes to the vitality of
the Helsinki region.

HSL has worked closely with various bodies in order to
improve the safety of public transport. As a result of the work, a
safety strategy has been created. The key principle of the strategy
is that everyone has the right to travel or work in peace on a
train, bus, Metro, tram, or ferry without fear of physical or
verbal abuse. Any bad behavior and violation of human dignity are
not acceptable on public transport. By contrast, let us cultivate
good manners.

Serious incidents on public transport tend to get wide media
attention. This may create a feeling that public transport is less
safe than before. It is not. Quite the opposite, the risk of
getting injured while traveling on public transport is
significantly lower than the risk of getting injured while driving.
Moreover, the popularity of public transport has a positive impact
on traffic safety in general. 

Things are not bad, but they can always be better. It is not
enough that public transport service providers improve safety. Our
most important partner in cooperation in improving safety are the
passengers. When the users of public transport respect fellow
passengers and public transport workers and help each other in
various situations, it has an immense impact on the atmosphere on
public transport vehicles. We need tolerance and helping each
other, not indifference.

Helsinki Region Transport, Helsinki City Transport, VR,
Eläköö traffic safety campaign and Veolia Transport Finland are
challenging the residents of Helsinki region to make 2012 a year of
travel peace. We have today, 10 January, declared travel peace on
Helsinki region public transport. We ask all public transport
passengers to sign the declaration at, and to share
your own wish at the website (the website is in Finnish only, but
you are welcome to write in English). All those who submit their
own wishes at the website, participate in a prize draw for five HSL
season tickets for one year (365-day season ticket) loaded on a
personal Travel Card. The prize is worth EUR 1,466.70. The
passengers’ wishes will be used as a basis for safety instructions
for passengers on HSL’s public transport services. They will also
be compiled into a book to be handed to the next President of

Further information:   

• Suvi Rihtniemi, Executive Director or HSL,
suvi.rihtniemi(at), Tel. 050 565 8884

• Mari Flink, HSL’s Director of Communications,
mari.flink(at), Tel. 040 715 0440

• Matti Lahdenranta, Managing Director of HKL,
matti.lahdenranta(at), Tel. 050 385 5020

• Antti Korhonen,  Director of Commuter Train Services at VR,
antti.korhonen(at), Tel. 040 8621 720

• Riitta-Liisa Linnakko, Chairperson of Eläköö traffic
safety campaign and Director of Communications of the Finnish
Transport Safety Agency Trafi, riitta-liisa.linnakko(at),
Tel. 050 337 4426;

• Janne Vihavainen, Managing Director of Veolia Transport
Finland, janne.vihavainen(at), Tel. 040 571



Declaration of Travel Peace

On behalf of all who use and drive public transport vehicles,
we would like to state that everyone has the right to travel,
liberty and security of person.

No one shall be subjected to inhuman or degrading treatment.
Everyone is entitled to these rights without distinction of color,
sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or
social origin, property, birth or other status.

Everyone has the right to travel in peace, i.e. to be able to
travel and work on a commuter train, bus, tram, metro or
Suomenlinna ferry without fear of physical or verbal abuse. Those
who have purchased a ticket, have the right to assume that this
principle is upheld on all public transport vehicles, at all times
without exceptions.

Honoring these principles, we hereby declare Travel Peace for

Partners in Travel Peace

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