Journey length to have greater impact on ticket price

In future, the length of a public transport journey will affect
the ticket price more than at present. Short journeys from one
municipality to another will become cheaper when the current fare
system based on municipal boundaries is replaced by a new zone
model. In the new model, the boundaries of zones are primarily
based on distance from the center of Helsinki. The new fare and
ticketing system will be introduced at the earliest at the
beginning of 2016.

A study defining the location of zone boundaries and ticket
pricing principles more closely has been recently completed. HSL is
now inviting comments on the alternatives and recommendations set
out in the study from its member municipalities and the so called
Kuuma municipalities

In the study, the zones are designated by letters A through E
from the inner to the outer zone. The Helsinki metropolitan area
would be located within the three inner zones. The study includes
three options for the location of the zone boundaries.

The neighboring municipalities outside the metropolitan area
would be mainly located on zones D and E. The boundaries of the
outer zones will be defined more closely later as new neighboring
municipalities join HSL. 

Use of public transport to increase

The working group recommends that in the inner zones, i.e. the
ABC area, season, value and single tickets are always valid for at
least two zones (AB or BC), which means that one-zone tickets would
not be sold in the area.  In zones D and E, tickets could be
purchased also for individual zones. 

The new system will include a supplementary fare. Passengers
can pay the supplementary fare at a card reader with Travel Card
when they want to travel to a destination outside the validity area
of their season ticket. 

For the purposes of comparing the different alternatives, the
ticket prices used in the model analyses follow the present price
level. As the prices of tickets are decided annually when the
budget is set, no proposals have been made for ticket prices.

All of the presented alternatives increase the use of public
transport and reduce car traffic. The increased number of public
transport passengers and cheaper tickets would increase the
municipalities’ share of financing especially in the metropolitan

Alternative locations of zone
boundaries on map


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